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Discover our range of feeders, essential for keeping poultry!

Get the right feeder for your birds

The right feeder for you will be dependent on what poultry you have and how big your flock is. We stock a range of poultry feeders in various sizes and styles and colours. This page gives an indication of the models we usually have in stock, but please contact us on 01327 354126 if you’re looking for a particular size or model or require some advice.

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We stock a range of feeders including…

Beaks 11cm Plastic Coop Cup £2.99

  • Ideal for smaller birds
  • Hooks on to wire
  • Can be used for food or water

Eton Orange and White Feeders £5.99 & £11.99

  • Robust moulded plastic feeders
  • Hang from hook or stand on ground
  • Grid to minimise food wastage
  • Adjustable grid height to ease flow of food for different types and age of birds
  • Suitable for chickens or bantams
  • 1.5kg    £5.99 & 3kg    £11.99

Eton Tripod Hopper Feeder £39.99

  • Robust, durable, top fill hopper
  • Sturdy base
  • Easy to fill
  • Secure screw lid
  • Tough feed trough with anti-waste ring
  • Easy to clean and non-corrosive
  • 20kg

Bec Wise Mountable Feeder £49.99

  • Designed to fit on almost any surface—cages, sheds, walls, trees and fence post
  • Modular feeder with a 5 kilo extension cartridge
  • Easy access to the lid of the feeder without disturbing caged birds
  • Rain shield to protect the feed
  • Fine dust drain in the base
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Takes nearly all types of feed
  • Prevents ‘scratching out’ by birds
  • Prevents vermin accessing feed

We are always on hand to advise on the best feeders for your birds!

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See why our customers love the Poultry Centre

Fantastic knowledgeable assistance, nothing seems to be too much trouble very friendly, the hens we bought seems to be very healthy and happy hens.
Steve Dransfield
Steve Dransfield
16:27 03 Oct 19
loved it
Christine Garland
Christine Garland
15:08 29 Sep 19
Excellent place to visit if you keep poultry, range of food and birds is very good
Stuart Coull
Stuart Coull
08:50 15 Sep 19
Good place for buying poultry
Owen de'ath
Owen de'ath
18:44 13 Sep 19
Lots of lovely chickens and ducks to choose from. They also have quail and Guinea fowl. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff throughout.
Mandy Taylor
Mandy Taylor
19:38 05 Jul 19
Very knowledgeable and friendly. Happy to offer advise and help.
Gavin Damon
Gavin Damon
23:21 15 Jan 19
Knowegable staff and a huge selection to choose from!
Lisa Damon
Lisa Damon
08:37 23 Dec 18
We had great fun choosing our new hens, really helpful team and great advice, thanks to John and Maisie! 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔
Sharon Law
Sharon Law
09:33 24 Nov 18
Wonderful garden and poultry centre. We recently went here to buy two ducks and two chickens. The staff member we spoke to was incredibly knowledgeable and seemed very passionate about his job. It was a great experience and will be going back again soon to say "hi" and buy some more poultry feed. The cafe is lovely and we enjoy eating there, though the wait time can be a little uncomfortable for the kids if you go at a busy period.
Lynne Davies
Lynne Davies
19:26 05 Oct 18
Good for chicken keeping
Duncan Harrison
Duncan Harrison
10:57 21 Sep 18
Amazing place
richard elsworth
richard elsworth
08:59 11 Sep 18
We went to have a look around after moving to the area. 6 months later we have over 30 chickens and ducks. Staff are brilliant and friendly.
Craig Smith
Craig Smith
13:46 01 Sep 18
My wife and I went there knowing nothing and left with four beautiful chickens and the kit and knowledge that we needed to keep chickens.We can't praise this establishment enough. BRILLIANT.
Steven Parker-Routh
Steven Parker-Routh
19:49 26 Jul 18
Amazingly helpful staff who are very k knowledgeable
GnT Lovell
GnT Lovell
12:59 23 Jun 18
Great place, great people running it.
Simone Pickles
Simone Pickles
13:51 27 May 18
Very good place to visit
Martin Hallam
Martin Hallam
11:30 26 May 18
Have brought all our chickens from them. Friendly helpful staff
Andy Sammons
Andy Sammons
21:08 18 May 18
Really knowledgeable staff and very friendly
Olaf Nixon
Olaf Nixon
08:40 19 Mar 17
Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.
Minty Maynard
Minty Maynard
13:15 22 Dec 15

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