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Hybrid hens are a great place to start if you want to look after chickens. They are bred and reared to make fantastic pets and should lay you an egg a day for most of the year. Our hybrid hens are fully vaccinated against all major poultry diseases and come with a 28 day guarantee.

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Rare breeds

Here at the Poultry Centre we are passionate about our rare breeds. We try to find and source a wide range of stunning rare breeds for you to keep in your garden. Being rare, it's not always easy to get a consistent supply of rare breed birds so make sure you move quickly when we've got what you want in stock.

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Keeping ducks is great to try once you have got your feet under the table with chickens. You'll need a bit of extra space and somewhere for them to bathe but there are loads of beautiful duck breeds, and their eggs are delicious and rich.

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We've always try to hold good stock of Quail as they are pretty popular with our customers. They are easy to keep and lay delicious eggs. We generally have Chinese and Japanese Quail in stock but have a browse as we often get rarer breeds.

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Geese are great for the seasoned poultry keeper, they can be challenging, particularly with their temperament and they aren't easy to source but keep your eye out, we stock them when we can.

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Like Geese, doves aren't easy to source so keep a look out on our page for stock, but they do make really beautiful pets.

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