Why is Poultry keeping so popular?

Trusted Food Source

In recent years the popularity of keeping chickens has soared, largely due to the rise in the number of backyard poultry keepers. Not since the end of the Second World War with rationing has there been more hens kept in back gardens. Why is this so?

Trusted food source

Is it news of contaminated meat, and questions regarding traceability of food, that make people embrace tradition methods? Confidence of knowing exactly where your food comes has never been more important. Not only are chickens entertaining to watch and fun for a family to keep, you also get the benefit of fresh eggs every day. There is nothing quite like the taste of your own freshly laid eggs; you'll never want a supermarket bought egg again.

Fun for the Family

Fun for all the family

Keeping a small flock of hens is easy to do in a corner of your garden. Fresh feed and water daily and keeping them clean and fresh is something the whole family be involved with. With a healthy dose of tender loving care, the chickens you keep in your back garden will be the envy of your neighbourhood, something the entire family can be proud of.

Young children especially like collecting eggs, and choosing the more docile breeds allows them to really interact with the chickens and learn about the responsibility of looking after animals. Selling the constant supply of fresh eggs to your local neighbourhood is a great way for children to learn the rewards of hard work.

Pest Control

Substainable pest control

With the growing interest in natural pest control alternatives, people are now keeping chickens to rid their property of unwanted insects and larvae, which uses the birds' natural instinct to seek out and eat bugs. Slugs, snails and other insect which gardeners curse are dramatically reduced with hens hunting them down.

So what other pet provides you with food, entertainment and pest control? Perhaps this explains the ever rising popularity of poultry keeping.

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