Chickens for sale in Northamptonshire

The Poultry Centre has a wide selection of Hybrid Hens, Bantams, Pure Breed Chickens, Ducks and Quails available all year round. We have 20 years experience selling chickens from the site, which is based at Bell Plantation Garden Centre in Towcester , Northamptonshire. We are 10 miles from Northampton 20 minutes drive. Milton Keynes is 13 miles away, again around 20 minutes drive. From Coventry or Kettering your journey time is around 45 minutes. The Poultry Centre offers the full package for the poultry enthusiast with a huge selection of essential equipment, coops , feed, bedding, health supplements and everything you and your hens will ever need. Also up to 500 birds on site, with the added bonus of a 28 day guarantee on all our Hybrid Hens and our expert advice just a phone call away. We are open 7 days a week and at Bank Holidays.

The Hybrids and Pure Breeds available include, Amber Stars, Blue Hens, Rangers, Columbian Blacktails, Cou Cou , Rhode Rocks , Sussex, White Hens (Leghorns), Partridge Leghorns, Pied Hen, Golden Speckled, Buff Rock, Buff Sussex, Cream Legbar and Exchequer Leghorns. Most of these breeds are available at all times, pure breeds maybe more seasonal.

Bantams and Pure Breeds stock is constantly changing, we try to keep a varied selection available all year round. We stock bantams such as Pekins, Buff Sussex, Chocolate Wyandotte, Chocolate Orpington, Dutch and Silkies to name a few. Also breeding sets like a Trio of Buff Orpington's, Trio of Australorps, a pair of Silver Spangled Hamburg's, Cochins, Brahmas, etc... The list goes on!

Ducks we regularly stock include Khaki Campbell, Cayuga, Silver Appleyard, Indian Runners and Call Ducks. Also ornamental ducks in pairs such as Mandarins and Carolina.

Quails that we regularly sell include Japanese and Italian, either individually or in quartets (3 hens and 1 cock). Occasionally we have more unusual breeds Californian, Chinese Painted or Northern Bobwhite.

Our reputation has grown as a professional and dedicated poultry retail outlet. We know the quality of our stock therefore we don't hesitate to guarantee our Hybrid hens for 28 days.

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