Keeping your birds Happy and Healthy

Our Commitment

The Health and happiness of your birds is of upmost importance to us here at the Poultry Centre and we want you to have the best possible experience when buying your chickens.

That's why we pride ourselves on looking after our poultry properly, making sure they are well fed, cared for and kept free of infestations and diseases. When you buy from us we want to give you peace of mind that your birds have had the best possible care and attention before you take them home.

Fully Vaccinated Hybrids

We have carefully picked the supplier of our hybrid hens so that we can guarantee the quality and health of our birds. All the birds are vaccinated against major poultry diseases and variant strains with the programme starting when they are a day old. Samples of the chicks poo are taken to assess their health and check for salmonella and a broad range of vitamins are given at various stages to help the immune system develop.

Rare Breeds Carefully Checked

All of our rare breed birds are quarantined and carefully checked before they come on site to make sure they are healthy and aren't harbouring diseases. Our team conduct a careful 9 point comb to toe check to ensure that there are no visible signs of disease, mite infestation or distress in the birds.

On Site Cleaning

We clean out our poultry enclosures regularly to ensure that our birds remain clean and healthy. This schedule of cleaning prevents the harbouring of bacteria, lice infestations and diseases that can build up on the faeces of poultry and in their soiled bedding. We also thoroughly disinfect our pens regularly and before a major delivery of new birds. This creates a break and will kill any bacteria that has built up over time which could have caused problems to new, young birds.

28 day guarantee

All these steps mean that we are confident that the birds you buy from us are as healthy as they can be, and that's why we can offer you a 28 day guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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