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Like all animals, poultry are susceptible to the cold weather and pick up the odd cold and flu. They can also be susceptible to internal worms and harbour mites and lice.

It’s important to ward off these nasties as soon as you can.

We stock:

Variety of different health supplements
Pecking treatments
Mite and Lice treatments

It can sometimes be hard to know what’s wrong with your chickens but our team is always here to help you with any issues and queries that you have.

Worming pellets
Disinfecting products
Housing disinfectants

Beech House veterinary practice is on site too, so for anything a little more serious professional help is not far away.

We recommend:

Biolink Bio VX 1kg Concentrated Disinfectant

Biolink Bio VX 1kg Concentrated Disinfectant

  • Effective against bacteria, moulds, fungi and all viruses.
  • Bio degradable.
  • Effective against biofilms.
  • Superior dilution rate, giving increased economy.
Net Tex Total Mite Kill 750ml Ready To Use

Net Tex Total Mite Kill 750ml Ready To Use

  • Insecticide spray.
  • Poultry housing cleaner and disinfectant.
  • Treats mites, fleas, lice, flying and crawling insects.
  • Oily base spray prevents bacteria growth.
Herbal Gut Conditioner 100ml

Herbal Gut Conditioner 100ml

  • Healthy digestive system and gut.
  • Supports healthy bowel function.
  • Prevents worming.
  • Cost effective product saving on food costs.
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