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The health of your Poultry is our top priority

We stock a wide range of nutritionally balanced poultry feeds to help you maintain your birds in optimum health. A healthy bird is a happy bird.

Wondering what you should feed?

Layers Pellets or Mash are essential to giving your chickens a nutritionally balanced diet. Feeding them a diet of mostly kitchen scraps or corn won’t give them enough of the stuff they need - this can impact their health and inhibit good egg laying.

Grit is important for your birds – it helps to grind their food down and provides them with added calcium carbonate which aids egg shell quality.

We stock a good selection of mixed corn and poultry grit to give as extras to your birds.

We stock:

Chick crumbs
Duck and goose pellets
Layers pellets

Your chickens require a balanced diet, give them the mixed diet they need to keep them happy and healthy. From traditional corn to specialist pellets we have all your bird's needs covered. It can be hard to decide on what's right for your birds so our team is always here to help you with any issues or queries that you have.

Mixed corn
Pecking treats
Poultry grit

Your poultry can be heavily affected by their diet, we provide feeds that assist in the health of your bird's plumage to the quality of their eggs. For anything a little more serious help is not far away with our on-site veterinary practice Beech House.

We recommend:

Farmgate Layers Mash 20Kg

Farmgate Layers Mash 20Kg

  • Finer consistency than Chicken Food Farmgate Layers Pellets.
  • Produces an excellent egg size.
  • Keeps your poultry happy and healthy.
  • Fully balanced diet.
25kg Hen Flint Grit

25kg Hen Flint Grit

  • Flint Grit is used to assist the food digestion.
  • Hard insoluble grit of great benefit to all poultry.
  • In the gizzard, it acts as the birds teeth and performs the grinding action necessary to make the food digestible.
Farmgate Classic Mixed Corn 20Kg

Farmgate Classic Mixed Corn 20Kg

  • Suitable for all poultry.
  • A treat that all poultry love.
  • Provides extra protein and vitamins to keep them very happy.
  • Can be mixed with your poultry's everyday food.
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