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When it comes to bedding for chickens, ducks and other poultry make sure it is absorbent and won’t compact down. Absorbent bedding such as wood shavings or a proprietary bedding will help prevent mites and other nasties from infecting your birds. Damp bedding is harmful to poultry because it encourages bacteria and releases ammonia which damages the bird’s respiratory system and causes eye problems.

When putting in fresh bedding, it is good practice to coat the corners of the coop, the perches (where they meet the coop), and the bedding itself with mite powder.

What not to use

Bark chippings and Hay. Both of these contain spores that will cause respiratory issues.

Cleaning your coop

This is dependent on the size of your coop and how many birds live within it, however the average coop will require cleaning once a week.

When cleaning it is very important to keep the crevices clean and watch for signs of potentially fatal infestation by red mite or other pests.

Poultry droppings make one of the best garden manures!

We stock:

Bedmax shavings
Dengie fresh bed
Easichick bedding

Keep your chickens comfy and warm throughout the year with our hand-picked selection of Bedding. It can be hard to decide on what's right for your birds so our team is always here to help you with any issues or queries that you have.

Meadow hay

You can find a diverse range of Bedding products at the Poultry centre from dust free UK forestry shavings to traditional straw. Talk to us about our treated and sanitised bedding too.

We recommend:

Bedmax Wood Shavings Bale 25kg, Completely Natural Dust Free Shavings

Bedmax Wood Shavings Bale 25kg, Completely Natural Dust Free Shavings

  • Completely natural dust free shavings.
  • Made using renewable UK forestry timber.
  • Specialist horse bedding, also ideal for poultry.
  • 25kg approximately 100 litres.
Easichick Recycled Poultry Bedding Bale 10 kg

Easichick Recycled Poultry Bedding Bale 10 kg

  • Dust free bedding.
  • Zero counts for moulds and bacterias (inc. Avian Influenza)
  • Reduction in topping up - saves labour.
  • Keeps birds warm.
Meadow Hay Bale 2kg

Meadow Hay Bale 2kg

  • Keeps your chicken comfy and warm.
  • Treated and sanitised to reduce the spread of diseases.
  • Very soft.
  • Hay bale softer than straw bale.
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