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Incubation is one of the most rewarding parts of chicken keeping, but it is not easy and can have its drawbacks. We are here to help. Firstly, make sure that your eggs are from a reliable breeding stock, no older than 7 days, not dirty and that they are turned 3 times each day. Next, disinfect your incubator and get it running 24 hours before putting your eggs in to ensure that its running at the right temperature and humidity. Then you are good to go.

Chicken eggs will take 21 days to incubate, and if your incubator does not automatically turn your eggs you will need to turn them 2 to 3 times a day. 3 days prior to hatching you will need to increase relative humidity to 90%. Before long youll hear the cheeping of newborn chicks! Choose your incubator below and start your hatching adventure today.

Mini Advance Incubation Starter Pack
£ 259.99 inc VAT
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Mini Advance Incubator
£ 154.99 inc VAT
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Mini Eco Incubation Starter Pack
£ 169.99 inc VAT
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Mini Eco Incubator
£ 79.99 inc VAT
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Octagon 40 230V Incubator
£ 324.99 inc VAT
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