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The Poultry Centre is a family owned business which is based in Northamptonshire. We love our animals and customers and we take great care and pride when it comes to the quality and health of our animals and products. Our team of highly trained poultry experts have a fantastic range of products on offer to you. We have everything you need to look after your poultry. If you need any help and advice then please feel free to contact us. As well as fantastic products we offer an excellent customer service.

Top Quality Products  >

We offer a wide range of top quality products. We have everything you need to look after your poultry, keeping them happy and healthy.

Expert Advice  >

We have experts with many years of experience on hand and available to give you the best advice about your products.

We Check All Orders Before Taking Payment  >

We check that our products are in stock whilst your payment is being processed. If there is a problem with your order or the product is not in stock, we will contact you immediately.

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