An Update on Avian Flu - Good News!

It is now expected that from February 28th DEFRA will begin to adopt a more targeted approach to the Avian Flu restrictions across the country.

Currently it is proposed that Towcester and the surrounding areas will be excluded from the high-risk restrictions of keeping poultry or captive birds in houses, or separate from wild birds.

These measures will provisionally remain in place until the end of April 2017. This approach remains under review and a final decision will be confirmed at the end of February 2017.

To find out what the current risk levels are where you live, use the DEFRA interactive map here or for full details please visit the DEFRA website.


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At the Poultry Centre, we love keeping chickens and we want you to enjoy keeping chickens as much as we do. Our purpose is simple: to advise, support and supply you with everything you need to keep your poultry birds healthy, happy and productive. That is why all your hybrid birds come fully vaccinated, totally healthy and with a 28 day replacement guarantee.

The Poultry Centre is based at Bell Plantation Garden Centre, near Towcester, with easy access from the M1 and M40, and houses the largest number of poultry birds in the Midlands. Our 200 square metre display area is full with over 15 pens housing all kinds of poultry fowl, including hybrid chickens, rare breeds, ducks, geese and quails.

On site, you will also find a Vets practice if your birds are unwell, and a popular cafe, where regular seminars are held for members of the Poultry Rewards Card scheme.